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Alameda Thrifty Pharmacy, Where Everyone is Part of the Family

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Jul 22, 2021 8:41:26 AM

For over sixty years, the people of El Paso, TX have trusted Alameda Thrifty Pharmacy with their health. Not only do they provide a full array of important services, the pharmacy team also treats patients like members of their "phamily." Without a doubt, the Alameda Thrifty staff truly cares for the community they serve. El Paso pride even shines through in the pharmacy's logo which features the mountains that ring the city complete with the El Paso Star. Dr. Laura Quijas, Pharm.D. gave us some insight into how the pharmacy started and how far they've come today.


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Topics: Adherence, Compliance, and Health, Pharmacy Leaders


Meet Avian and Exotic Animal Care, 'The Vets for Unusual Pets'

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Jul 14, 2021 8:41:04 AM

If you pay a visit to Avian and Exotic Animal Care, you never know what kind of patient you might bump into in their waiting room. Birds, reptiles, and small mammals are all frequent visitors, but the hospital also treats wildlife and zoo animal species including kangaroos, lemurs, foxes, and so many more. People travel from all over the state of North Carolina and beyond to the Raleigh-based animal hospital to seek the high-quality, specialized care they provide. We spoke with veterinarian Dr. Daniel Johnson, or "Dr. Dan" as he's known to pet owners, to learn more about AEAC and the work they do for animals of all shapes and sizes!

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Topics: Pets and Pet Health


Making Medicine Time Better With Modern Pharmacy

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

May 20, 2021 9:24:05 AM

Since 1950, Modern Pharmacy has been the place residents of Cheboygan, Michigan can depend on to keep their entire family healthy, right down to the family pet. By providing services customized to meet each customer's needs. the pharmacy operates based on the idea that wellness cannot be treated with a one size fits all approach.


Their staff made up of two pharmacists and seven pharmacy techs works hard to make sure that every patient is treated like family. On their Facebook page, the pharmacy shares the statement, "Lives depend on our job well done." With over 70 years of serving the community, the Modern Pharmacy team has proven that they not only take that job seriously, but also love what they do!


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Topics: Adherence, Compliance, and Health, Pets and Pet Health


Get to Know Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Mar 9, 2021 10:00:28 AM

Here at FLAVORx for Pets, we love having the chance to highlight the great things our partners do for animals. This month, we’re featuring Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy.


Located in Novato, California, Golden Gate compounds medicine for pets to make medication administration easier for both pets and their owners. We spoke with Golden Gate's Sales & Marketing Coordinator Kate Schlentz who told us what makes this pharmacy so special.


Since Golden Gate opened for business in 2000, their team has spent the past eleven years ensuring animals get the medicine they need. Schlentz explained, “As a veterinary compounding pharmacy, we are able to customize medications to ensure compliance. We do this by creating unique forms, flavors and delivery methods.”

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Topics: Pets and Pet Health


Getting to Know Bendall's Pharmacy

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Mar 3, 2021 12:30:15 PM

Here at FLAVORx, we love the chance to get to know our pharmacy partners and share the unique value they add to their communities. This month, we’re featuring Bendall’s Pharmacy of Decatur, Alabama. For almost fifty years, this pharmacy has provided their community with great care and friendly service. Christy Penn, a certified pharmacy technician at Bendall’s, gave us a little insight into what makes their pharmacy special. 

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