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Celebrating Pharmacists and Techs During American Pharmacists Month

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Nov 1, 2023 10:56:55 AM


Here at FLAVORx, we're grateful to work with some of the best pharmacists and pharmacy techs around - the kind of people who bring their all to their job and truly care about their patients' wellbeing. In honor of American Pharmacists Month, we're celebrating our independent pharmacy customers whose hard work helps members of their communities live healthy lives.

"My favorite part about working in our pharmacy is that it doesn't feel like work at all. Every day I get to come to our pharmacy, meet new patients, get to see a lightbulb click in someone's head when we talk through their medications and answer their questions, and work with my hard-working, knowledgeable team. It is a privilege to continue my mom and dad's legacy through working at our independent family-owned pharmacies every day!" - Monica Nikseresht, Pharmacy Manager, Medicap Pharmacy


APhM Monica


"I have been a pharmacist for over 30 years, and I still wake up every morning excited about the day. I love 'serving our community' which is our motto and the reason we come to work every day. The world is looking for HOPE and we try to offer that to each and every one of our patients when they trust us with their health. We even created a counseling area that we now utilize to administer vaccines, have cognitive assessments, and just counsel our patients on medications but most importantly their health. I cannot imagine doing anything else as we are honored and thankful for every day we get to take care of our community." Michael Powers, Pharmacist, Hazel Green Pharmacy


APhM Michael


"What I love most about working in pharmacy is being of service to the community. Especially, the community I work in as it consists of the underserved and uninsured. The services we provide here allow patients to have the same access to care and prescriptions without worrying about if they can afford or how they will pay for their medication. We ensure no patient leaves our facility without their medication!" - LaWanda Tate, Pharmacy Manager, Memphis Health Center


APhM LaWanda


"I enjoy working in a pharmacy because it allows me to serve others in a meaningful way. It's gratifying to help people access the medications they need to improve their health and well-being. Knowing that my role contributes to their overall health and quality of life is incredibly fulfilling, and it reinforces my passion for this profession." Hunter Letson, Pharmacist Intern, Moultrie Pharmacy at Caddo


APhM Hunter


"I love getting to help my patients and be a positive part of their day. When they look forward to coming in and seeing us that lets me know I have done my job successfully. Making the day a little easier for someone is always my goal." - Kaitlyn Adams, CPhT, Woodsprings Pharmacy


APhM Kaitlyn1


"Taking care of my community! My grandfather started our pharmacy in 1951 and my dad took over in the 80's. Hearing stories of how they took care of everyone in our town makes me so proud to be continuing the tradition that was started so long ago!" - Cole Sandlin, Pharmacist/Owner, Fred's Pharmacy


AphM Cole


"I love seeing that we make a difference in our patients' lives. Things have changed so much over the past few years to where many patients have to be their own advocate, but not here. We still ensure our patients receive the best care and understanding about their medications. It's not just about filling a prescription (slapping a label on a bottle). It's about having those one-on-one conversations and building a trusting relationship with the patients. Patients may need to be told about certain supplements and lifestyle changes to help with their overall health. We're here to give them the attention they need and address all of the concerns. That's why we are Apothecare Pharmacy Health and Wellness." - Starla Holdman, Pharmacy Technician, Apothecare Pharmacy


APhM Starla


"The day-to-day operations and interacting with each individual customer are thrilling to me. Being able to help a vast array of patients from newborns to elderly patients keeps me on my toes and allows for so much satisfaction in ensuring the overall health of my patients." - Caleb Gooch, Pharmacy Manager, Henderson's Economy Drug


APhM Caleb


"I love helping my community. My favorite part of the day is when one of my customers comes in and I get to greet them with a 'Hey man! How are you?' or 'How are you doing? How are your grandkids?' I love talking to them and making them welcome. I also like helping in times of need. During the height of Covid we were able to vaccinate so many people that Reuters came from New York to write a story on our town. I'm very proud of that. It lets me know that if we truly care and work hard, we can make a difference in people's lives." - Daniel Bryant, Staff Pharmacist, Watson Pharmacy


APhM Daniel1


"The people!!! Working in the pharmacy is more than just a job, it's a family! I have been a technician for almost 17 years, and I get to watch families grow and I get to grow with them. We are with them through the good and the bad, but they are also there for us. I can't think of a more rewarding career to have than being a pharmacy tech!!" - Ashley Mote, CPhT, Moultrie Pharmacy at Langtown


APhM Ashley


"We work with a lot of kids who have very specialized medication needs. Unfortunately, these meds usually taste gosh awful! Those patients who do not have a J or G tube for medication must take the meds by mouth. Being able to flavor nasty tasting medications, for those patients, brings a smile to their faces and joy to my heart! Any way that we can make life a little easier, or better flavored, for them makes my day!" - Talitha Thomas, Pharmacy Technician, Bethany Community Pharmacy






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