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Three Pharmacy Professionals Share Their Favorite FLAVORx Customer Stories

Posted by Brandon Chiat

Feb 4, 2019 12:40:33 PM

What is the impact of FLAVORx on people's lives? We talked to three pharmacy professionals with a combined 45 years of experience in retail pharmacy, who realized when people choose the taste of their medicine, it makes a solid difference for everyone involved. Here are their favorite stories from FLAVORx customers.

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Topics: Adherence, Compliance, and Health, Customer Experience & Delight, flavorx, customer care


A Taste for Success: How Questioning the Norm Helped Stu Amos, CEO of FLAVORx, Achieve Something Great

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Jan 29, 2019 1:43:27 PM

On Free Thinkers Day, we celebrate those who have gone against the norm and questioned the status quo to achieve something great. In the world of pharmacy, Stu Amos, president and CEO of Flavorx, Fillmaster Systems and FillPure, is one such pioneer.


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Topics: news, flavorx


5 Medications Your Pharmacy Hasn’t Thought to Flavor

Posted by Brandon Chiat

Nov 28, 2018 3:52:49 PM

In her 22-year career as a pharmacy technician, Stephanie Saxon has helped patients of all ages and with nearly every symptom take their medicine as prescribed by flavoring it with FLAVORx.

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Topics: Adherence, Compliance, and Health, flavorx, customer care


Going the Extra Mile with FLAVORx

Posted by Brandon Chiat

Nov 19, 2018 3:49:13 PM

Thomas Garza and his team at The Medicine Shoppe in San Benito, Texas have done an amazing job of utilizing the FLAVORx service. We recently interviewed Mr. Garza to discover just what it is about FLAVORx that resonates so well with customers and why they excel with the program.


“Flavored medicine is important to our patients,” said Thomas, who is the head pharmacist at The Medicine Shoppe of San Benito. “FLAVORx is a good way to let our patients know that we’ll go the extra mile for them.”

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Topics: Customer Experience & Delight, flavorx, customer care


5 Ways Pharmacies Earn Customer Loyalty With FLAVORx

Posted by Brandon Chiat

Aug 7, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Letting children choose the taste of their medicine is an untapped marketing strategy for retail pharmacies. Not only does flavor selection resonate powerfully with customers, but it can also improve word-of-mouth referrals from delighted moms and dads. A successful flavoring strategy has less to do with additional fees and everything to do with keeping patients happy. Here are five ways offering FLAVORx in your pharmacy earns long-lasting customer loyalty 

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Topics: Adherence, Compliance, and Health, Customer Experience & Delight, Pharmacy Marketing, Millennials and Millennial Moms, flavorx, customer care


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