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Three Pharmacy Professionals Share Their Favorite FLAVORx Customer Stories

Posted by Brandon Chiat

Feb 4, 2019 12:40:33 PM


What is the impact of FLAVORx on people's lives? We talked to three pharmacy professionals with a combined 45 years of experience in retail pharmacy, who realized when people choose the taste of their medicine, it makes a solid difference for everyone involved. Here are their favorite stories from FLAVORx customers.


FLAVORx Improves Patient Health

"My most rewarding experience using FLAVORx was with a mental health patient who was totally non-compliant with their Prozac medication. This individual was bipolar, schizophrenic, and suffered from severe depression, landing them in-and-out of the behavioral science unit at the local hospital. Prozac was their only hope of experiencing some mental stability. After speaking with this patient, I learned they didn’t like swallowing the Prozac pills. So we changed the pills into liquid medication and added flavoring. The newly flavored medicine helped the patient became more compliant with their medication, and they reported experiencing fewer suicidal thoughts. Simply put, FLAVORx improves patient health. Customers who flavor their medicine, utilize their medication appropriately and are healthier and happier."

- Stephanie Saxon, CPHT


Kids remind Parents of 'Medicine-Time'

"I changed the taste of my own child’s medicine with FLAVORx. It was so effective that my kid would remind me when it was time for him to take his medication. He would never have done that before we added flavoring. It was always a hassle to get him to take his medicine, but because we changed the taste of his prescription with his favorite watermelon flavor, he had ownership of the process."

- Randy Shipp, District Manager, Pharmacy


Kids notice the FLAVORx Difference

"I delivered medicine to a close friend for their daughter who was sick with the flu. It was late at night when I was filling the prescription, and I forgot to add the kid’s favorite flavor. I got a call the next day from my friend saying: “Molly said her medicine tasted terrible because you forgot to flavor it! I couldn’t get her to take her medication for the life of me!” I felt terrible that Molly wouldn't take her medicine, but also felt good because it lets me know FLAVORx improves my patients’ lives. As a pharmacist, I’m always looking for ways to care for my customers beyond filling prescriptions."

- Thomas Garza, Lead Pharmacist


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