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How Many are Too Many Choices?

Posted by Elizabeth Thoms


May 3, 2016 1:00:00 PM


Pharmacist-With-Pediatric-Patient.jpgThere is no doubt that offering more choices is something that is appreciated by today’s customers, especially the Millennial generation, but, how much is too much?


Millennials, or the generation born between 1980 to 2000, are the single largest generation and almost all of them are 100% digital natives. So the idea of their consumer choices being limited to a single option, is completely alien to them. Millennials grew up with businesses like  Kayak to Amazon where what they were looking for was always just a click away. If they didn't find what they were looking for, another option was only a click away.


Choices can alter a person’s customer experience almost instantly. The “just a click away” attitude, has dramatically changed the outlooks of Millennials – although older customers are quickly altering their lifestyles to mirror the Millennial mindset too. Even if you don’t think you can offer choices, you will be surprised by the possibilities.


Types of choices you can offer your customers

Physical or Digital

The world’s largest generation is almost 100% digitally native, so allowing a customer to order something, like prescription or over the counter medication, online isn’t that far of a stretch. Keeping an up-to-date website or creating an app for your pharmacy, could create endless possibilities for your business. Of course, always give the option for physically coming to the store.


Give Suggestions 

You don’t need to create a big long list with endless possibilities for your customers to look at. Retail businesses can keep it simple by just suggesting new options based on previous purchasing or medical history. This allows a customer to feel genuinely engaged, and feel like you are listening to their needs.



Customization of a product allows you to take one commodity and turn it into something that feels personal to a customer. Customization can mean changing the color, taste, smell, or size of a product and making it into something exactly what the customer wants. Even in a pharmacy, there are plenty of things that can be customized (hint: FLAVORx).


Don’t be afraid to give choices. It will give you a chance to learn more about your customers, create a better customer service experience and it will show that you care about their needs. There is no such thing as too many choices, if it is managed and cared for properly.

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