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5 Ways To Gain The Trust Of Millennials

Posted by Elizabeth Thoms


Apr 14, 2015 11:53:00 AM


Millennial Mom Shopping FLAVORx Trust is a powerful way to capture the loyalty of a customer. It is also one of the hardest things for a business to earn, especially with younger customers. Millennials are more likely to trust people rather than companies, 73% of Millennials believe that consumers care more about their opinions than companies do. There are a lot of reasons why the Millennial generation has a hard time trusting businesses, but mainly it can be attributed to how they grew up.


Between events like, major oil spills, The Great Recession, and growing student debts, all taking place while still being very much impressionable, it is enough to make anyone lose trust in business. Millennials are going out of their way to get healthier, greener, socially conscious products and services. Products like Honest Tea, Warby Parker and Toms Shoes are becoming the norm because they are all very upfront with what they offer, and seem like the cleaner, more honest option.

To be more appealing to the Millennial generation, gaining their trust is a must. So, how can you make your pharmacy more trustful? Here are a few ideas:


1) Honesty is the best policy- The Millennial generation is gaining the confidence to ask more questions and sometimes challenge health care professionals. Being honest on what is in a product or how you serve a customer will be appreciated. 66% of Millennials believe companies that include customer feedback on Web sites are more honest and credible.


2) Offer cleaner, greener products- These products should be found in the front of your store as well as behind the counter. Products and services that list what is in them and where they come from are gaining the trust of the Millennial generation and those companies are growing at rapid rates.


3) Be the go-to-pharmacist – Many customers, including non-Millennials as well, will come into your pharmacy and not know exactly what they are looking for. Maybe they aren’t aware of their options or maybe there are too many options for them to choose from. Be proactive; help them in their time of need. Those are the customer experiences that people remember and come back to your pharmacy for. For an example to become their go-to-pharmacist that they recommend to all of their friends and family, recommend to flavor their children’s medication if you know they are struggling to medicate them.


4) Transparency- As a pharmacist, you know that working behind the counter can get very busy. But stepping out from the counter can make a large difference. Engaging with a customer is more important than ever. Every personal experience a customer has in your pharmacy is one more chance for them to remember your pharmacy.


5) Be Authentic- Whether you are a chain or independent pharmacy, being authentic matters. 43% of Millennials rank authenticity over content when consuming news, according to a Forbes Survey. Think about how you want your pharmacy to be portrayed to the public and make it happen.


Millennials are sick and tired of corporate greed and are still recovering from global events like the financial crisis. Gaining the trust of the Millennial generation is one of the best ways to improve and enhance your pharmacy. Learn from other companies mistakes and capture their trust.



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