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7 in 10 Parents Report Medicine-Time Struggle. How Can Your Pharmacy Help?

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Sep 12, 2019 8:55:41 AM




Most people working in pharmacy have probably witnessed an exhausted, stressed-out parent trudging towards the pharmacy counter with a sick, cranky child in tow. Both would probably much rather be home in bed, but there’s still the stress of getting the yucky medicine down when they get home. In fact, 7 in 10 parents report medicine-time struggle. Get ready to put on your superhero cape because your pharmacy can help!

Offer a Choice

At FLAVORx, our pharmacy partners are dedicated to helping kids and parents have an easier medicine-time experience. Pharmacy staff can offer kids a choice of over 16 fun flavors for their medicine, including favorites like blastin’ bubblegum, giggly grape, and wacky watermelon. Not only will adding a flavor improve the taste of the medicine, having a choice allows kids to take ownership of their medicine-time experience. Medicine turns from something forced on them to something they were able to have some control over.

Be a Hero

As a pharmacy professional, offering the flavoring service is a small thing you can do to make a huge impact on families. It’s as easy as asking patients, “how would you like your medicine to taste today?” Many parents don’t even know that custom medication-flavoring is an option. By letting them in on the secret, you just might be a life-saver!

Make a Lasting Impact

An easier medicine-time experience is something that parents won’t soon forget. Check out the following parent testimonials to see how pharmacies have helped families by flavoring medicine:

“My 20-month old son, Hayes, does NOT do well with any kind of medicine. I haven’t been able to get him to take an antibiotic until our Pharmacist suggested adding flavor to the medicine. It’s a miracle worker! We added the grape flavor to his antibiotic and he’s easily downed every dose! Can I get an AMEN?” – Haley B.

“My little cousin had to take clindamycin liquid and I could even agree- it smelt like dirty socks. I made a request at the pharmacy and they helped us figure out how to flavor it since applesauce was not helping. The pharmacy flavored the medicine and it made it more manageable for him to tolerate. So happy that the pharmacy had this in stock as a way to help him take the medicine!” -Michael D.


My nephew absolutely hated taking any liquid medication. After my local pharmacist recommended FlavorRX, it was truly a blessing. My nephew began to enjoy the taste of the medication and took it without any fuss. A true lifesavor! – Lauren S.

“It helped my 3 yr. old daughter to clear up a third round of Strep Throat. Two previous attempts it was a pure nightmare at Medication times until FlavorX saved day. I 100% recommend their services. It saved me so many headaches and so many shed tears. Thank You!” – Lela M.

Ready to start using flavoring to make a difference? Contact us for more information. 


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