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What Can the FLAVORx Auto Do for Your Pharmacy?

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Aug 2, 2023 11:08:00 AM


The pharmacy landscape is tough these days, and it seems like there’s an overwhelming variety of products and services you can pick from to to help set your pharmacy apart from the competition. When choosing a new tool for your pharmacy, which values do you prioritize when making your decision? Providing patients with important services? Making tasks more efficient for pharmacy staff and decreasing wait times for patients? Finding ways to ensure dispensing accuracy? The FLAVORx Auto checks all the boxes, wrapping excellent patient care and efficiency all into one powerful smile-making machine.



Provide Better Patient Care


First and foremost, your pharmacy is there to provide patients with the best possible healthcare by offering services that help them live healthier lives. While many popular pharmacy services focus on providing care to older adults and those with chronic health issues, children also have health needs that your pharmacy should be meeting. When kids have difficulty taking liquid medicine, it can lead to a longer illness for them and stress on their parents. The FLAVORx Auto makes it easy for your pharmacy to solve that problem for families and show that you care. 


With the Auto, pharmacists and techs can easily customize the taste of liquid medication and help kids take ownership of their medicine-time experience. Gone are the days of looking up a recipe and measuring out flavor with a syringe. The Auto seamlessly integrates flavoring into the reconstitution process, so adding a favorite flavor is as easy as scanning the medication's bar code. By creating a personalized experience and empowering kids to have more control over their healthcare, your pharmacy can foster a sense of patient-centered care and build stronger relationships with families. 


Pharmacist flavors medicine with FLAVORx for child

Going the extra mile to provide an exceptional pharmacy experience for families is a great way to earn loyalty


Fill Scripts Safely and Accurately


For pharmacy owners, patient safety is always top of mind. When it comes to safely filling liquid medications, the Auto helps ensure it's done accurately and with the highest quality water. Automating reconstitution turns what was once a slow, error-prone process into a quick, safe one. 


Instead of reading the medication’s label to find the amount of water needed and manually measuring the volume of water from a jug, the pharmacy employee simply needs to scan the medication’s bar code, and the Auto will add the correct amount to the medication automatically. By automating dispensing liquid medications, pharmacy employees can guarantee a higher level of dispensing accuracy and improved patient safety.


The Auto also comes with a 6-Stage Water Purification System that will provide your pharmacy with an endless supply of high-quality water. The system's six filters remove organic carbon, bacteria, and conductive ions, leaving you with clean water to use for reconstitution. By filling patients' prescriptions with USP-grade purified water, pharmacy staff can ensure the medicine they provide is free from contaminants and safe for consumption.


Pharmacist flavors medicine with FLAVORx Auto

The Auto helps the Ladue Pharmacy team prepare customized liquid medications quickly and accurately


Increase Profitability


In today's competitive pharmacy landscape, differentiating yourself is crucial. Offering FLAVORx sets you apart as a patient-focused pharmacy that goes above and beyond to ensure exceptional care. By providing a unique value-added service, you can attract new customers, build customer loyalty, and create a positive reputation in your community.


If families are a demographic your pharmacy is looking to attract, FLAVORx is a great way to do so. Many parents have no idea that a service like FLAVORx exists, so advertising your pharmacy's flavoring service can help get families in the door. Getting the word out online, at community events, and anywhere else your pharmacy advertises can help reach moms and dads who will be happy to learn that there's a stress-free way to get kids to take their medicine. As an added bonus, it's safe to assume that parents who have an outstanding experience at your pharmacy will likely spread the news to friends and family.


With DIR fees hitting independent pharmacies hard this year, offering cash-based services is a way to counteract the effects. While prescriptions may be the primary reason most patients visit your pharmacy, the additional services you offer can be the difference that keeps them coming back while also generating extra profits free from DIR fees. While the fee most pharmacies charge to flavor medication is small, the FLAVORx Auto makes it easy to make customizing the flavor a standard part of filling liquid prescriptions, so the revenue generated will add up. Not to mention, wowing your patients with an excellent experience is priceless!


Pharmacist helps child take medicine with FLAVORx

FLAVORx helps Medicap Pharmacy put their littlest patients first


Save Time


At any given moment, pharmacists and pharmacy techs are juggling a seemingly endless list of tasks. Unfortunately, some of these tasks cut into the time pharmacy staff would rather be using for more direct patient care. Reconstituting medications can be particularly time-consuming since pharmacists and techs must measure out the water needed by hand into a graduate.


Reconstituting medicine also disrupts the pharmacy workflow since these prescriptions must be prepared when the parent arrives to pick up the medicine and cannot be done ahead of time. The pharmacist or pharmacy technician must drop everything to add water to the medication, taking time away from their other tasks and customers.


The Auto makes the process much quicker and easier, since the pharmacy employee simply needs to scan the medication’s bar code, and the machine will dispense the amount of water needed to reconstitute in mere seconds. The user no longer has to measure out the water by hand, so the task takes less of their time and frees them up to spend more time helping patients. 


Pharmacist flavors Amoxicillin

Sweetgrass Pharmacy uses the Auto to prepare palatable liquid prescriptions efficiently


The FLAVORx Auto has been an absolute gamechanger for pharmacies looking to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide families with an outstanding experience. With benefits for kids, parents, and pharmacy staff, the Auto will quickly become an indispensable tool in your pharmacy.


Considering adding the FLAVORx Auto to your pharmacy? Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with more information:


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