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Top 4 Medicines to Flavor During Allergy Season

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

May 23, 2023 11:37:35 AM


Goodbye winter, hello spring! The sun is shining and the weather is warm, which for kids around the country means a return to outdoor sports and long days playing outdoors. While lots of time spent outside typically makes spring a happy time for kids, seasonal allergies can put a damper on those high spirits.


Fortunately for parents, they have their pick of antihistamines they can use to ease kids' allergies. Kids are in luck too - pharmacies can customize the taste of their allergy medicine with a favorite flavor. To make sure sniffles, sneezes, and itchy eyes don't keep kids from enjoying their time outside, we're sharing the top medications to flavor during allergy season.


Girl with seasonal allergies sneezing



With tree pollen counts high in most areas of the country, allergy sufferers of all ages are feeling the effects. Many parents of young children who have not yet learned to swallow pills are faced with the challenge of getting a daily medication into their kids. Fortunately, they have access to a variety of both over the counter and prescription medications at their local pharmacy.


While many medications formulated for children come flavored by the manufacturer, there's no guarantee kids will like the flavor their medicine comes with. The increasing popularity of generic medications can also present a taste challenge - generics often don't taste as good as their brand name counterparts. By custom flavoring kids' allergy medicine, your pharmacy lets kids take ownership of their medicine-time experience. When parents can choose the medication that works best for their kids and kids can choose how it tastes, allergy symptoms are much easier to manage. 



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For complete flavoring recipes for all the medications listed below and more, visit the FLAVORx Recipe Generator.


1. Claritin® (Loratadine) - One of the most popular allergy medications approved for both toddlers and older children - both the prescription and OTC forms of Claritin can be flavored. Flavor Claritin or generic Loratadine with Banana, Bubblegum, Cherry, Grape, Mango, and. Watermelon.


2. Zyrtec® (Cetirizine) - Another popular favorite among parents for easing kids' sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose. The best flavors for Zyrtec and generic Cetirizine are Apple, Bubblegum, Cherry, Mango, Sour Apple, and Watermelon.


3. Allegra® (Fexofenadine) - Approved for kids ages 2-12, Children's Allegra liquid is another great candidate for flavoring. Flavor Allegra and generic Fexofenadine with Banana, Bubblegum, Mango, Strawberry, or Watermelon for the best taste. 


4. Xyzal® (Levocetirizine) - Since Xyzal can cause drowsiness, it's best taken at bedtime. The best flavors for Xyzal and generic Levocetirizine are Apple, Grape, Grapeade, Mango, Raspberry, and Watermelon.


When kids aren't feeling well, a chance to have some control over their medicine-time experience can make all the difference for their health. Taking medicine is no fun, but your pharmacy can help. Just let kids and parents know that they can choose how they want their allergy medicine to taste - and most other liquid medications for that matter! To help advertise your pharmacy's flavoring service, download allergy season social media graphics and printables here. Running low on flavor wheels and menu pads? Request a free marketing kit sent to your pharmacy here:

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