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The Millennials Are Coming, Are You Ready?

Posted by Chris Cielewich

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Jun 16, 2015 9:01:13 AM


paul revere millennials are comingYou don’t need to wait for Paul Revere to announce that the U.S. has a new generation of consumers. This generation has already surpassed the Baby Boomers to become the largest in the country’s history at 75 Million strong. However, if Revere were to make another historic ride today announcing the arrival of the Millennial generation, you may expect to hear something along the lines of “Text if by Land, Tweet if by Sea”.

Independent Pharmacy has a great opportunity to attract, retain, and delight a new generation of shoppers aged 18-35 and this generation could help secure the next 20+ years of customers for your pharmacy. Fill their scripts now, and earn their trust and loyalty for years to come. The challenge is that so many independent pharmacies haven’t given thought about what has changed with the attitudes & behaviors of this new group of consumers. The big question for today’s pharmacy shopper is whether they will place a bigger value on service vs. convenience.


It’s easy to know where the Drug Chains are located in any given neighborhood. Just drive to the busiest intersection and you’ll probably see 2-3 of them on those corners. Independent pharmacies on the other hand may be tucked away in strip malls/plazas. Now is the time for you to reposition, rebrand and rethink your pharmacy’s value proposition as the leading health & wellness destination in your community, especially to attract the Millennial generation. While we may not be able to compete based on location, we can certainly win the game when it comes to service and providing a delightful, personal experience in our stores.


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