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Celebrating Pharmacy Professionals During National Pharmacy Week

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Oct 21, 2021 9:48:47 AM


To say pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have had an eventful few years would be a huge understatement. The fight against COVID-19 has consistently put pharmacies in the spotlight, with pharmacy professionals carrying much of the burden of COVID testing and vaccination. Despite a list of tasks and challenges that seems to grow by the day, pharmacists and techs continue to show up for their patients and provide the critical care their communities need.


Even before the pandemic hit, the FLAVORx team knew we needed a way to thank pharmacy professionals for all that they do. That's why we created the Care Force, as a way to celebrate pharmacy workers who go above and beyond for their patients with not only their flavoring program, but in all aspects of their job. The program has grown to almost 500 pharmacists and technicians who represent pharmacies all around the United States. During National Pharmacy Week, we're so proud to recognize our Care Force Captains who continue to make a real difference for their patients every single day!




“I greet everyone that comes in with a smile whether I know them or not. I found out that sometimes greeting with a smile and starting off with a positive attitude can help more than anything else. I make sure that before the customers leave the pharmacy, I have helped them in any possible way."

- Ashley P., Pharmacy Tech



Adriana Care Force (2)


"It still amazes me how patients, especially parents of little ones are surprised that medications can be flavored. They always say 'I didn't even know that was an option!' How neat that our children get to choose the flavor they want for their medication. I enjoy hearing this from patients and explaining the that the cool glowing machine on the wall is a variety of flavor choices for all patients who choose to have their medications flavored. It makes me happy to be able to offer that service to our patients and makes me thankful to work for a company like HEB." - Adriana M., Pharmacy Tech




"I love working in pharmacy because I love helping people. It’s such a blessing when we’ve been able to use FLAVORx to make sure that a sick little one will take their medicine and get to feeling better. The children are our future and we have to take care of them. Pharmacy has been part of my life for over 16 years. I couldn’t imagine my life without helping others. I work at Brame Huie Pharmacy, which is a small independent pharmacy in my town. We know most people by name and just love our

customers !" - Monica H., Pharmacy Tech



Sapphire CF


"I work in a 24 hour pharmacy so we tend to see a lot of patients who are not regulars. After waiting at the ER for hours, parents and children are cranky and tired, so I always try to cheer them up by letting them know we can flavor their medicine so it tastes much better, so no fighting for the parents and tastes awesome for the kids. I usually give them their flavor if I have it in the FLAVORx suckers, it keeps them calm while we fill the scripts and no sugar so win for the parents too!" - Sapphire B., Pharmacy Operations Manager



Amber Care Force (2)


"We have a terminally-ill 8 year old that fills at our pharmacy. She had a prescription for liquid Zofran that she refused to take because of the taste. She said she would rather feel sick than have to taste that medicine. Thanks to FLAVORx we were able to make it taste a little better. And it’s the moments like that when I am so thankful for my job!" - Amber W., CPhT




“We feel like our customers trust us and come ask us questions because they know who we are. It feels good when a customer walks in and you know their name and they know your name. Being involved in our community also helps us give back to the patients that shop in our pharmacy.”

- Leigh Ann R., Pharmacist


Kara Care Force


"I had an older lady who was unable to take pills and loathed the taste of her liquid meds. She kept getting sick because she wouldn't take them. She was ELATED the day she found out all her meds could be flavored! After that day we saw her less (but it's a good thing!)" - Kara S., Pharmacy Field Colleague Trainer


If you love making a difference for your patients, apply to join the FLAVORx Care Force today! All members receive a free welcome package and access to our Care Force Facebook group.


Join the Care Force



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