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Looking Back on 25 Years of FLAVORx

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Jul 9, 2020 11:23:43 AM


Wow, we can’t believe that we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary! That’s two and a half decades of easier medicine-time for kids and families, and we couldn’t be happier to be able to help. A lot has changed since we got started in 1995, so here’s a look back at how the face of FLAVORx has changed over the years. We’ve sure come a long way!


Late 90s


Back in the beginning, our focus was on educating parents about the service we provide. A pharmacist being able to customize the taste of medicine was a novel concept, so it was important to get the word out. We kept things pretty simple with ads like the one below that features a smiley face and a description of what FLAVORx is and how to get medicine flavored. Looking back on this, we're not quite sure what that pink stuff is (medicine? bubblegum?) but it sure is cute!


Ad from late 90s (002)




In the early 2000s, FLAVORx focused on appealing to kids with our beloved mascot Mr. Happy Spoon and the slogan, "We make medicine a lot less yucky!" A medicine spoon with a smiley face, Mr. Happy Spoon was meant to make FLAVORx and medicine-time in general more appealing to kids. While dosing with a spoon is a no-no these days, we'll always remember Mr. Happy Spoon fondly.


Mr. Happy Spoon HyVee




Medicine Less Yucky 2005 (002)



Throughout the 2000s, the Wheel of Yuck was a tool pharmacies could use to show kids the best flavors to improve of the taste of some of the yuckiest medicines. In 2010, the Wheel of Yuck went digital, so kids and parents could pick a favorite flavor before even going to the pharmacy. This proved to be one of our most popular tools to help promote flavoring. But it was HUGE. Like the size of a medium pizza. The Wheel of Yuck is still around, sorta (it's called the Flavor Wheel now), but it's much smaller and easier to use.




From 1995 to 2014, the FLAVORx logo featured an orange slice and an emphasis on "RX" to represent our place in pharmacy. 




In 2014, we rebranded with a new, eye-catching logo that still emphasized our place in pharmacy, but also our mission to help children and families. 


Logo_flavorx (1)




In the late 2010s, we gave our flavor icons a makeover, complete with names like Giggly Grape and Mighty Mango. These little guys make choosing the taste of medicine even more fun!

FruitIconsThese characters are present on all of our standard marketing materials to help kids pick their favorite flavor. In 2015, we also began offering some of our marketing pieces in Spanish to help pharmacy professionals better connect with our growing community of Spanish-speaking families. 




The face of FLAVORx may look very different than it did 25 years ago, but at our core we still have the same mission: make medicine-time better for kids and parents. We're grateful we've had the chance to grow and change over the years, and we can't wait to see what the next 25 hold. Who knows, maybe Mr. Happy Spoon will come back...as Mr. Happy Oral Dosing Syringe!


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