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Hispanic Shoppers & the Omnichannel Experience –Don’t Miss A Consumer!

Posted by Natasha Siedsma


May 26, 2015 11:00:00 AM


omnichannel Hispanic ShoppersDo you remember the good ol’ days of simple print advertising? The days where you sought out publications that reached your target audience, paid for an ad, submitted something well-designed for the space provided. Next, customers saw your ad, loved your product, and ran to the nearest brick-and-mortar store to purchase it. Unfortunately, many of us reading this find such a simple approach laughable, and you vets may feel a little sad at the loss of the simpler times.


This Omnichannel pressure is especially crucial when reaching out to the Hispanic customer segment. Within this population specifically, you’ve got a large variance in lifestyle preferences. Whether it’s shopping habits, technology fluency, or communication preferences, we must be more considerate about how to effectively reach these customers. This means that, if you’re missing even one channel, you may be missing consumers entirely.


For example:


Think you’re covered because your company has an amazing website that’s incredibly user friendly? Think again. According to The Latino Digital Divide report, it turns out that, “85% of native-born Latinos ages 16 and older go online, only 51% of foreign-born Latinos do so.” Without diversifying your marketing outside of the world-wide-web, you could be missing out on HALF of the foreign-born Latino population!


Or, perhaps, you’re sitting comfortably, basking in success because of you have an award-winning mobile platform for customers to use. Don’t get too comfy, because about 20% of the native-born Latino population doesn’t even use a cell phone. If they aren’t even using a cell phone to make calls, chances are they aren’t exploring your mobile platform either!


Luckily, reaching the rapidly growing Hispanic consumer segment is not as daunting as you may think. By focusing on 3 main Omnichannel “buckets”:

1)      Technology – digital marketing, social media, mobile site, apps

2)      Customer Service – in-store, phone, virtual

3)      Retail – in-store marketing, print advertising, merchandising, shopping experience

You will ensure you’re capturing the attention of the Hispanic consumer at every turn.


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