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A Taste for 2020: Use Internal Marketing to Create a Unified, Fulfilled Pharmacy Staff

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Dec 18, 2019 9:33:00 AM


The people behind the pharmacy counter are so, so much more than their official titles of pharmacists and pharmacy techs. They’re healthcare educators, customer service experts, unofficial counselors, and everything else customers need them to be. To be honest, they’re practically superheroes.


That's why it's important for pharmacies to provide staff with the support they need to do an excellent job. Employees who believe in the business and its mission are going to be its biggest advocates and provide customers with the best service. The most successful businesses recognize the value of their employees and take the necessary steps to make sure they’re happy and fulfilled. Your pharmacy can use internal marketing strategy to help staff understand and believe in the business's values and make sure their needs are met. 


FLAVORx has used internal marketing techniques to grow a strong, motivated team. After all, it's no easy feat for a company made up of fewer than fifty employees to run a business that serves thousands of pharmacies across the country. An employee-first attitude has helped motivate staff to go above and beyond in order to provide the best possible service for their customers. Pharmacies can use these same techniques to unify and empower their own staff


Work With a Purpose 

The backbone of an effective internal marketing strategy is a strong set of values and goals. But a mission means nothing if your company doesn’t actively live out these values. Take some time to list out your pharmacy’s mission and values. Consider the ways your pharmacy incorporates those values into daily operation. 


FLAVORx has worked to improve children's health since the very beginning. It all started with a father who was desperate for a way to help his daughter take her medicine. After lots of hard work and sleepless nights, the idea for FLAVORx was born. Over twenty years later, FLAVORx employees still employ this problem-solving spirit to forge new paths and discover innovative solutions for pharmacies and their patients.


Even though FLAVORx has grown and changed since a father helped his daughter take her medicine, children’s health is still the driving force behind all that the company does. Everyone works towards making it possible for pharmacies to offer the flavoring service to children and parents. The company's culture also reflects their commitment to helping children. Throughout the year, FLAVORx gives its employees the chance to give back to different foundations benefiting children, including Believe in Tomorrow and Toys for Tots. The company also hosted a Bring Your Child to Work Day event where kids were given a taste of pharmacy and FLAVORx life. 




FLAVORx Quality Assurance Testing Technician Chris Lewis helps the next generation of pharmacists conduct a flavor taste test experiment.


Let Everyone's Voice Be Heard

There is probably no one out there who knows your pharmacy better than the people who work there. Each employee has a unique perspective on what the pharmacy does well and what could be improved, so it's important to give them an opportunity to share their feedback. Not only does this help the pharmacy improve operation, it will also  Give employees the chance to voice their opinion in a way where they will feel comfortable being honest.

At the end of each year, FLAVORx’s Human Resources Department gives an online survey that encourages employees to evaluate all aspects of their experience working for the company including communication, company culture, and areas for improvement. They are also asked to complete a separate survey evaluating any members of management they wish. Both surveys are anonymous, and employees are encouraged to be open and honest. Each year, feedback gained from the survey has helped the company successfully make changes to improve FLAVORx's operation and overall employee job satisfaction.


CXDuring Customer Service Week, the FLAVORx Customer Experience team hosted an open house and invited other departments to come learn more about what they do. The Customer Experience Department has recently expanded in order to better serve customers.  


Celebrate Great Work

Your employees are the heart of your business. Without dedicated employees, your pharmacy wouldn’t function, period. Show your employees you notice and appreciate everything they do for your business by recognizing them when they go above and beyond. Whether it's an employee recognition program, a shoutout on the pharmacy's social media, or even a simple "thank you", a little appreciation can go a long way.

The FLAVORx team is made up of a hard-working group of people, so the company makes sure their achievements are recognized. Throughout the year, if employees notice a coworker going out of their way to help a customer or another employee, they are encouraged to nominate them for the employee recognition program. Human Resources sends the nominations out so that everyone has a chance to see the great things their coworkers have done. To further show their appreciation, on World Kindness Day FLAVORx surprised each employee with a personal note thanking them for their unique contributions to the company.


DSC_0493FLAVORx Production Assistant Greg Nolan reacts to his World Kindness Day note.


To learn more about how to implement a successful internal marketing strategy and grow your pharmacy's business in the new year, put your name on the list to receive your customizable Taste for 2020 Pharmacy Growth Plan when they're released later in the month!


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