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A Day in the Life of an Independent Pharmacy Technician – Ashley Pasquith

Posted by Caitlin Taylor

Oct 24, 2019 10:31:53 AM




American Pharmacists Month is a time to recognize pharmacists’ contributions to health care and all they can do for their communities. At FLAVORx, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to spotlight a few pharmacy professionals who go above and beyond for their patients. Throughout the month we’ll take a look at a day in the life of a few health care heroes and learn more about the diverse experiences of the hard-working people in the pharmacy industry.

We spoke with Ashley Pasquith, a certified pharmacy technician at an independent pharmacy. Pasquith made the drastic career transition from working in a hotel as a front desk clerk to pharmacy because she wanted to be in a profession where she could really make a difference.

Great Customer Care, One Prescription at a Time

After leaving the hotel industry, Pasquith has now worked as a CPhT in retail pharmacy for 11 years. Her 30 to 40-hour workweek is split between three different independent pharmacies owned by the same person. At her primary location where she works the most hours, Pasquith explained that it will only be herself and a pharmacist behind the counter during her shifts, so she has plenty of face-time with her customers. This has allowed Pasquith to develop more personal relationships with her customers. She said, “At my primary location I know everyone that steps into that door by name.”

As a tech, Pasquith has many jobs that keep the pharmacy wheels turning smoothly. She always works opening shifts, so you can find her at the pharmacy bright and early making sure everything is ready for the day. She then begins to work through the electronic queue, typing out all new e-scripts to get them ready for the patients’ arrival. She continues with the scheduled refills due that day, counts pills, and manages the drug order. To sum up her many jobs, Pasquith said “I make sure that before the customers leave the pharmacy, I have helped them in any possible way.”


The Personal Touch


Having worked in both independent and chain pharmacies, Pasquith prefers the more personal atmosphere she’s found working in independent pharmacy. In her experience, working in an independent pharmacy has allowed her to develop a closer relationship with her customers. She’s also found that the independent pharmacy setting provides more opportunities for open communication with management and sharing ideas for improving workflows.

Although Pasquith enjoys the independent pharmacy environment, it can still have its trying moments. “I would have to say that the most stressful part of my job would be trying to help a customer who has already had a bad day, whether it be not feeling well and just coming from the doctor’s office or whether the patient is coming to pick up their routine meds and not doing well personally.”

Pasquith explained that she has a helpful way to work with patients who might be having a rough day: “I greet everyone that comes in with a smile whether I know them or not. I found out that sometimes greeting with a smile and starting off with a positive attitude can help more than anything else.”


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