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5 Things About The Millennial Dad In The Pharmacy

Posted by Elizabeth Thoms


May 5, 2015 9:07:04 AM


FLAVORx_Millennial_dadFor a while now we have blogged how important it is to attract the millennial generation to your pharmacy, and have emphasized about millennial moms as major decision makers. Although the Millennial mom is important, as a pharmacy you cannot forget millennial dads. Millennial dads are changing the way the average consumers shops. This new generation of fathers is taking on new roles within the family and with this role they are forming new opinions on brands and businesses. Get to know the millennial fathers in your pharmacy with these 5 interesting facts:

1)      The Family Man– Millennial dads are redefining what it means to be a father. Not only are they bringing home the bacon but they are cooking it too. A higher value has been placed on being more involved with their family. According to a study by Mintel, nearly half (49%) of millennial dads are mainly responsible for planning play dates and other activities with their kids outside the home, as opposed to 23% of dads over the age of 35. Millennial dads view themselves as the provider of family entertainment, and are looking for businesses that will help them supply these moments for their family.


2)      Household partnership- Because dads are playing more of a role in household duties, they are having more say in what kind of brands are being bought and what stores are being shopped in. In an average week 95% of dads spent at least some time grocery shopping and, on average, men are not far behind women when it comes to time spent shopping, with men reporting 2.1 hours per week in stores compared with women’s average of 2.5 hours.


3)      Anti-Coupons- According to research firm BrandSpark International: Don't even suggest coupons to millennial dads, with more dads (34%) than moms (11%) claiming that using coupons at the check-out counter or online makes them look (or feel) cheap. Try adding value to their purchases in different ways like, bundling and sales.


4)      Keep Things Visual- A study done by AWG Advertising, 42% of millennial dads make a special trip to buy products featured in videos. Seeing real products and seeing the impact of them on people makes a difference. Pharmacies should utilize videos as a medium for advertising and marketing if they want to target Millennials, especially dads.


5)      Youthful Information - Millennial dads are looking for information but do not respond well to scare tactics. They want youthful but dad-oriented information about products. Pharmacies trying to engage and market to Millennial dads should keep information light hearted and fun.


The millennial dad is not only redefining fatherhood, they are influencing parenthood. By learning more about them you can increase customer satisfaction and make engaging with them easier.


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