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3 Ways To Make Millennials Loyal To Your Pharmacy

Posted by Elizabeth Thoms


Oct 29, 2015 1:00:00 PM


Pharmacist giving customers their prescription

How do you connect with a generation that has the reputation of not being loyal?


It can be difficult to attract the Millennial generation, especially since they have grown up weary to marketing ploys and hold the power to skip over any type of ads. They are thought to be the generation that moves from one opportunity to the next, and employers as well as businesses are having a hard time retaining them.


The truth is, Millennials are very loyal, and there are studies to prove it. A Millennial’s definition of loyalty is just entirely different than the generations that have come before them. This generation is less likely to be loyal because of a brand name, but they are loyal to that company that has values, people and a mission that they can relate too. The moment you look at a millennial customer and think of them as just a number or how you can get the most ROI from them, you have lost them.


Three ways to drive loyalty to your pharmacy among Millennials.  


Loyalty Program

Eighty percent of Millennials participate in some type of loyalty program. According to Franchise Times, 63% of Millennials said that they have joined a loyalty program in the past year, versus 55% of the general population. Sixty-three percent of the millennials surveyed also said it is “important that their loyalty program participation supports lifestyle preferences such as wellness programs, sustainability efforts or a charity”.  Incorporating customized medication flavoring into your stores loyalty program, can be a great way to show that your pharmacy supports a wellness program.


Bonus Tip: Take your loyalty program to the next step by adding a social element.  Create a leaderboard or communities to help them feel unified.


Boost Your Mission

Often Millennials stay loyal because they believe in a company’s mission or values. A company’s mission can define what it stands for and clearly states the difference that they hope to make in the world. According to Gallup, 41% know what a company stands for and what makes its brand different from their competitors.  A common mission among pharmacies is the desire to help people feel better and keep their customers happy. By using a flavoring service as a way to better engage with customers and promote better outcomes, your pharmacy can help further define your mission. Always look for ways to strengthen your mission to gain authenticity.


Get personal

Create the impression that each customer that comes into your pharmacy is special. Fifty-five percent of Millennials would like a personalized experience and service, according to the 2014 Loyalty Report. The feeling of a customized product or experience is important to this generation who are growing up in a society that is far more diverse than preceding generations. One size does not fit all which also means one TASTE does not fit all either. Customizing the taste of a medication is a simple act that can affect how a Millennial consumer feels about your pharmacy.  


Everyday millennials outnumber Baby Boomers. The need to capture their attention will only grow more important. By gaining the loyalty of this generation, you will need to go beyond responding to tweets or “liking” a Facebook comment. To keep their attention your pharmacy will have to add value to their experience through loyalty programs, building mission awareness and personalizing their experience.


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