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The Good Pharmacist Book Review

Posted by Ursula Chizhik, Pharm D

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Apr 30, 2013 8:52:00 AM


The good pharmacist bookI recently had the pleasure of reading a great book and I wanted to share it with you. FLAVORx has a close relationship with Elliott M. Sogol, the co-author of The Good Pharmacist. Perhaps you are familiar with this book already, but if not, know that this engaging read has been well-received by the pharmacy community and is a great reference for existing and future pharmacists. This book not only highlights the key qualities and identifies the main challenges, but ultimately encourages pharmacists to ask themselves if they are doing everything they can to be a “good pharmacist.”


FLAVORx has always been interested in ways to enrich the pharmacy school curriculum and help shape good pharmacists. We believe that the more pharmacy school students learn about the values and responsibilities of the pharmacy profession from the get-go, the better equipped they will be to balance the growing demands of the profession while remaining focused on patient-centered care. What better way to shape and inspire “good pharmacists” than to recognize how the pharmacy profession is perceived by patients and colleagues in the health care system and truly understand the virtues and habits that make for a good pharmacist.


If you are an educator, this book is yet another way to enrich your students’ education beyond the scientific foundation and clinical skills that you already do so well. If you are a practicing pharmacist, this book can reinvigorate you and inspire you to find ways in which to focus on and serve your patients even better.


You can go to www.thegoodpharmacist.com for more information on the content of “The Good Pharmacist” and how reading it may positively impact you, your students, or even a fellow pharmacist. I know that the authors are eager to share the results of their research, experience and knowledge with you. I hope you feel as motivated as I do, to become not just a “good pharmacist” but a “great pharmacist!”



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