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United Supermarkets Invests in Fillmaster Plus

Posted by Chad Baker

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Oct 31, 2011 7:22:00 AM


Fillmaster PlusFillmaster PLUS digital reconstitution and flavoring device uses bar code scanning technology to save pharmacists time and give United’s pharmacy patients the choice of how their medicine will taste.


United Supermarkets, LLC, the Texas-based operator of 43 pharmacies under the United Supermarkets, Market Street and Amigos United banners, and FLAVORx, makers of medication flavor choice and taste improvement systems, have agreed to terms on a chainwide rollout of the new Fillmaster Plus dispensing technology.

"United Supermarkets is making a strong statement with its investment in the Fillmaster Plus”, said Stuart R. Amos, President & CEO of FLAVORx. “It says a lot about the company’s commitment to improving not only the lives of its customers, but of its employees behind the counter as well.”


The Fillmaster PLUS combines the unique aspects of what Fillmaster Systems and FLAVORx offer into a leading-edge piece of pharmacy equipment. With the new device, pharmaceutical reconstitution, which in many cases is a manual process, is now accomplished by United Supermarket pharmacy staff at the push of a button. When a prescription bottle is scanned using the Fillmaster PLUS, the unit instantly displays the medication’s name, volume, strength and the amount of purified water it needs for reconstitution. This process reduces the risk of dispensing errors. At the same time, reconstitution is accomplished in a matter of seconds, for extremely efficient workflow.


In addition, the Fillmaster Plus technology gives pharmacy team members the ability to customize the taste of liquid medication quickly and easily. Children and parents can choose the taste of any liquid prescription or OTC medications they are picking up at United Supermarkets. This has a very positive impact on prescription compliance, or how well a person, in this case a child, sticks with the medication directions as prescribed by the doctor.


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