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Four FLAVORx VPs share 4 Fun Facts about FLAVORx

Posted by FLAVORx Inc.

Jul 22, 2019 11:33:57 AM


FLAVORx was founded in 1995 with a mission to help children all over the world take their medicine so they can get better without a fight. As we continue to live out our purpose, there are some fun facts that have come with it. Here's your dose of four FLAVORx facts as told by four FLAVORx leaders: 


1: We're often called 'The Fun Side of Pharmacy'

We're often called The Fun Side of Pharmacy because FLAVORx creates memorable and exciting experiences at the pharmacy counter. Pharmacy professionals across the globe tell us they find joy in the reaction of families when they offer the service. Our VP of Strategic Accounts, Natasha Siedsma share more:


2. The FLAVORx Program is in 46,000 Pharmacies 

The FLAVORx program is in 46,000 chain & independent pharmacies across the globe, and 37,000 pharmacies across the U.S. This means that 70% of Pharmacies in America are making a difference for their littlest patients and families during medicine-time. FLAVORx SVP of Marketing, Chad Baker shares more:



3. FLAVORx is available in 11 countries across the Globe

We believe that for children everywhere, taste should never be a barrier in getting better. So we've made it our goal to go global. Whether you're in the USA, the UK, or even South Africa, haschildren can choose a favorite flavor for their medicine at the pharmacy in 11 countries across the globe! Our SVP Chris Cielewich shares more on going global:




4. We have flavored 150 Million Medicines, which for us equals 150 Million Smiles :)

Eliminating the common stress that comes with medicine-time means more children and parents can actually have a little fun and smile through it. Our VP of Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Ursula Chizhik shares more:



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