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[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Customize the Taste of Medicine

Posted by Elizabeth Thoms


May 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM


Did you know prescription adherence is taken into account when it comes to ratings and reimbursements? So when you wonder why you should promote and offer a flavoring service to your patients - especially pediatric patients - there are a number of benefits your pharmacy can see by offering this service. Greater patient satisfaction, customer loyalty and of course, increased patient adherence are just a few worth mentioning. 


Check out the infographic below for further statistics and information on why you should customize the taste of liquid medications in your pharmacy. 

FLAVORx in the pharmacy

If you're curious about how you can increase patient satisfaction and compliance, download our Engage, Personalize, Delight: Why Your Pharmacy Needs FLAVORx ebook ebook


engage personalize delight ebook



Topics: Adherence, Compliance, and Health


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