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Celebrating the FLAVORx Family on Employee Appreciation Day

Posted by FLAVORx Inc.

Mar 1, 2019 10:47:20 AM


On Employee Appreciation Day we celebrate the amazing people at FLAVORx who make our everyday possible! We couldn't do what we do without the contributions of every member of our staff and for this, we are extremely grateful.


To celebrate this day, we asked our FLAVORx family: "If you could be a FLAVORx flavor, what would you be and why?" Here are some of their answers!




“If I were a FLAVORx flavor I would be Rockin’ Raspberry because our raspberry cartoon guy just looks like a fun guy to hang out with” -Jen Campbell


Our CEO Stuart Amos went with a Flavor from the FLAVORx for Pets Veterinary line!

"I would be Banana Bread because my mom used to make fabulous banana bread" 



“If I were a FLAVORx flavor I would be Outrageous Orange because I always think of the sun.” - Val McGuire




"I’d choose banana. I just love the way it smells." -Greg Nolan



Chris also chose a flavor from our Veterinary Line, “Bacon! Cause I mean, who doesn’t like bacon?” -Chris Lewis



"I would be Fish Chowder from our Vet line, because I'd smell the best" - Lucas Daugherty




"Raspberry of course! Raspberry tastes delicious with everything!” - Ashley Johnson


"If I could be a FLAVORx flavor, I’d be Sweetening Enhancer because it’s the essential ingredient in flavoring" - Keith Nelson



"I would be Mango. One of my favorite places to visit is Mexico and they have some of the best mangoes" -Michael Galliher


What FLAVORx flavor would you be?  Have a wonderful Employee Appreciation Day! Learn more about our team!



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