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A Brother Pharmacy-Duo - A Day in the Life of Parker's Pharmacy

Posted by FLAVORx Inc.

Oct 30, 2019 10:17:00 AM



Orlando Palmer (left) Kyle Palmer (Right) Picture from Parkers Pharmacy Facebook


It’s only been 3 years since brother-duo Orlando and Kyle Palmer came together to establish Parker’s Pharmacy in their hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. "We have approximately 6,000 patients and about 80-85% of our patients find us on social media", said Kyle Palmer, co-owner of Parker's Pharmacy and Marketing Executive of the company.


Winning With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an area that many independent pharmacies struggle with, yet Parker's has used it to tell their pharmacy's story and as a result has grown their customer-base.


"Thanks to social media, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram, it has given us an amazing start," Palmer said. 


Picture from @parkerspharmacy Instagram


The pharmacy's social networks have nearly 17,000 followers & feature industry relevant content, recognition of their employees and tons of day to day activities that viewers find both refreshing and exciting.


A Heart for the Community & its People

parkers6Picture from @parkerspharmacy Instagram

Every pharmacy has their heartbeat and Parker's Pharmacy's is - "Our community is the core reason why we continue to grow. Our community raised us and now it’s time to take care of our community, " said Palmer.


The Palmer brothers grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana so they have a strong tie to their community and its people. Kyle Palmer moved away to pursue his education and began his own marketing firm in Montana. In 2016, his brother, Orlando Palmer (Lead Pharmacist at Parker's) called him with the idea of opening a pharmacy in their hometown. Kyle agreed, and has been handling the pharmacy's marketing ever since. 


Also attributed to their success, Parker's has developed an individualistic patient-care approach for their customers emphasizing excellent customer service and 'good positive energy' every visit.


"It seems as if there is a lack of customer service nationwide in all industries, but no matter what, we will provide a pleasant experience every time you visit our store. The atmosphere and energy at Parker’s Pharmacy is one of a kind, " said Palmer.



Customer Service Begins Internally

Parkers8Picture from @parkerspharmacy Instagram

Good positive energy starts internally said Palmer. He noted that Parker's Pharmacy focuses on employee development, team building, and more.


"We work extremely hard on the culture here at Parker’s. It's vital for our employees to work in an environment that they genuinely enjoy while making an impact in their community. [We] make sure the work environment is healthy internally which easily allows our staff to provide the excellent customer service that each patient deserves."

parkers10Picture from @parkerspharmacy Instagram


"It’s Your Lucky Day We do have the FLAVORx Machine"

Parker's Pharmacy is also a FLAVORx pharmacy partner and utilizes the flavoring program to provide a solution to families in their community.


Palmer notes that he often hears parents saying their children cannot stomach the taste of their medicine and they are stuck with trying to figure it out. "They come to us and ask us for a solution," said Palmer, "and I respond, 'It's your lucky day we do have the FLAVORx machine!'"


What's Next?

parkers3Picture from Parkers Pharmacy Facebook

With 2 years of success & growth under their belt, Parker's Pharmacy is getting ready to open a 2nd location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, about 10 miles away from their current location. The pharmacy will be larger in size and is set to open in the first quarter of 2020.



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